Promoting Person-Centred Services

Safeguarding Children

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This one day course (or 3 hour for Health Practices) will explain why, as children, we are particularly vulnerable and in need of safeguarding. We will explore reasons why some children might be particularly at risk. We will consider different types of abuse together with possible indications that abuse is taking place.

There will be the opportunity to reflect on personal experience and to explore personal values and beliefs and how they were arrived at.

Through key texts, group exercises and reflection, we will identify causes for concern and develop an understanding of reporting procedures including some important ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’.



  • To explore personal values and beliefs
  • To enable individuals to promote safeguarding of all children
  • To establish a shared understanding of best working practice when offering support
  • To understand organisational procedures for reporting abuse

Learning Outcomes

  • To identify types, causes, signs and signals of abuse
  • To recognise factors that make children  vulnerable and reasons why some children might be particularly at risk
  • To develop an insight into how legislation/ policy impacts on your role
  • To be able to describe and apply child protection procedures
  • To raise awareness of support systems for victims and carers in order to counsel onto other specialist agencies
  • To recognise the stresses involved in dealing with allegations of abuse and to identify support systems for alerter


  • Domestics, aims, outcomes, groundrules, Introductions
  • Social ‘norms’ and values
  • Vulnerability
  • Definitions of abuse
  • Child Sexual Exploitation/Forced Marriage/Cyber-Bullying/Self-Harm
  • Signs and signals
  • Consequences of abuse
  • Incidence of harm
  • Legislation and guidance
  • Barriers to disclosure
  • Cause for concern?
  • Raising and alert
  • Following an allegation
  • Creating a safer environment – Recognising ‘disorganised attachment’
  • Close

Who is it for?

Teachers, Classroom Assistants, Family Support Workers, Staff working in Libraries, GP and Health Centres, Leisure Centres, Nurseries, Parents, Carers, Family Members.

For further information please contact: 

Tina Thordal – 07815 064710 or e-mail 

Bill Horrocks – 07929 035297 or e-mail