Promoting Person-Centred Services

About Tina Training Initiatives

Tina Training Initiatives delivers a wide range of training events designed to empower Health & Social Care practitioners to provide person-centred support services and develop efficient and effective working practice.
We are determined to encourage and model a person-centred approach to education and personal development, employment and service provision.  
This, together with a commitment to offering learning experiences which are enjoyable, engaging and interactive, will be reflected in the negotiation, delivery and evaluation of all our training events. 


Kristina Thordal founded the company in 2005, after working as a 'hands on' carer, trainer and manager for a number of care organisations over many years. 
She has designed and delivered a wide range of courses including specialist sex education, dementia and epilepsy awareness to meet the needs of agencies and public service organisations in Health & Social Care. 
Tina enjoys travel and has worked with teaching organisations in refugee camps on the Thai/Burma border and also as a volunteer in Romanian orphanages. 
Bill Horrocks has worked as a Health & Social Care lecturer in Further Education for over 20 years, delivering foundation and advanced in- service training in support provision, care management, counselling skills, personal development and workplace supervision. 
He has a background in youth and community work, professional theatre, staff development, advocacy and group faciltitation. Bill embodies a dynamic approach to personal interaction and illustrates care concepts with life stories and popular music. 
Course Trainer
We believe that it's essential for organisations to hear the voices and incorporate the wisdom of people who are on the receiving end of service provision. We enjoy a close relationship with a number of co-trainers who are able to provide that perspective. 
Together we have over 40 years combined experience of providing training / learning events and a proven track record in enabling individuals and organisations to identify , develop and meet their own aspirations. We are proud of the excellent reputation we enjoy with those organisations we currently serve. We are also pleased when people tell us that they have had fun on our courses and that they will remember them.  

More than words...

Responsible care practice is founded on effective communication...  
( a conviction which underpins the Care Act 2014)...  
and effective communication has more to do with a particular "quality of attention" than any words which may or may not be spoken. 
People's potential for communication sometimes gets 'squashed' as a result of seeking to live up to, or down to the expectations of others.  
A person who is 'squashed' is more likely to be stressed, miserable, lonely, hostile, compliant, de- motivated and unfulfilled. It is those set free to think for themselves who will have the most to contribute to society and to the development of an organisation.