Promoting Person-Centred Services

Interpersonal Aspects of Management and Leadership

Management - Telling people what to do and getting them to do it... or... encouraging each to interact in the best interests of the other(s)? 

This course provides a valuable grounding in theoretical and practical aspects of management and leadership. 

What kind of manager do you want? What kind of manager do you want to be? 

Using key texts (Handy, McGregor, M Scott Peck, Goleman, Mant, Fromm, Liedloff, Berne, Powell), group activities and drawing on the life experience of participants, this one day course will explore different management techniques and encourage managers to be able to adopt styles of leadership that are congruent with their personal values, as well as meeting organisational objectives 

We will highlight the importance of being able to apply different styles of management to different situations 


  • To establish a clear understanding of interpersonal aspects of management and empower people to practise leadership skills with confidence 

Learning Outcomes 

  • To consider different definitions of "management" 
  • To develop a clear understanding of different interactional styles and their likely consequences 
  • To establish a clear distinction between power and authority 
  • To empower participants to recognise their own particular leadership qualities 
  • To understand the relationship between anxiety and performance 
  • To encourage inclusive working practice which celebrates diversity 
  • To acknowledge the importance of encouragement and inspiration 


  • Domestics, Aims, Learning Outcomes, Groundrules, Introductions 
  • Personal Inventory 
  • Anxiety and Performance 
  • What do we mean by ‘Management’? 
  • Make ‘something’ of yourself? 
  • Worst team/Best team 
  • What kind of supervisor do you want (to be)? 
  • Bipods and Tripods – power and authority 
  • Managing with heart 
  • Team dynamics 
  • Management styles 
  • Scottish Country Dancing - eh? 
  • Effective and Ineffective Support 
  • Robert Fulghum’s Rules 
  • Summary 
  • Questions 
  • Close 

Who is it for? 

New managers, experienced managers wishing to re-visit and refresh their interpersonal skills, team leaders/supervisors 

What people say

Thoroughly enjoyed this course – dynamic, sensitive and challenging 

Refreshing and thought provoking. It will stay with me 

I will take a lot of ideas back into work and learn from them 

I’m not alone in my desire to be as good a manager as I can be 

Excellent fun course. Kept me engaged all the way through 

Fantastic enjoyable event 

Best course I have attended 


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