Promoting Person-Centred Services

Developing Robust Procedures for Handling Complaints and Dealing Effectively with Confrontation and Challenge

This one day course will establish a clear understanding of the expectations of The Care Quality Commission when assessing an organisation’s procedures for handling complaints and expressions of concern.

Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on the extent to which existing procedures and practices will ensure compliance with Regulation 16 of The Health and Social Care Act.

Challenge, conflict and confrontation will be acknowledged as necessary, inevitable and useful.

We will identify and examine strategies regularly used to handle (or avoid) challenge and consider how these strategies have evolved as well as assessing their effectiveness.

The day will include group reflection and interactive exercises aimed at developing confidence and shared professional standards.


  • To develop confident and responsible strategies for receiving and acting on complaints and expressions of concern
  • To ensure a person-centred approach to service provision

Learning Outcomes

To be able to

  • Recognize and promote awareness of the need to challenge and confront
  • Understand the regular consequences of avoiding confrontation
  • Know how to meet with the requirements of CQC regulations
  • Establish/maintain robust procedures for handling complaints and expressions of concern


  • Domestics, Aims and Learning Outcomes, Groundrules, Introductions
  • What winds you up? What kind of response are you looking for?
  • Complaining assertively
  • Challenge/Confrontation/Conflict
  • Avoiding Confrontation – the reasons – the cost
  • The Legend of Melburn McBroom – Emotional Intelligence
  • Receiving and Acting on Complaints: Health and Social Care Act Regulation 16
  • Care Quality Commission – Approach to Regulation
  • A User- led Vision for Raising Concerns and Complaints
  • Before an Inspection
  • Beyond Inspection – Pilot Lay Visiting Services
  • Duty of Candour
  • Staff Concerns
  • Publishing and Promoting Awareness of your Procedure
  • Resolving Complaints
  • Celebrating Best Practice
  • Useful Links and Resources
  • Close

Who is it for?

Managers, employees, volunteers and family members


For further information please contact: 

Tina Thordal – 07815 064710 or e-mail 

Bill Horrocks – 07929 035297 or e-mail