Promoting Person-Centred Services

Assessing Risk

This one day course will promote the development of a person-centred approach to supporting individuals to understand and manage risk in order to achieve personally identified outcomes. We will consider the consequences for individuals receiving support where systems are risk averse.
The Care Act (2014) clearly identifies the duty of all health and social care professionals to work together to promote the 'well-being' of those receiving services; managing risk is key to this objective. 
We will encourage, through group reflection and interactive exercises an assured awareness that positive approaches to risk taking will involve: 
• Keeping the person at the centre 
• Treating the family and friends as partners 
• Focusing on what is important to the person 
• An intent to build connections with the community 
• Being prepared to go beyond conventional service options 
• Continuing to listen and learn with the person 
Aims and Learning Outcomes 
Increase choice and control of service users through positive risk taking 
Understand legal context of risk taking 
Describe key concepts such as supported decision making, defensible decision making, duty of care and neglect 
Identify how to support service users to identify their outcomes 
Describe the key principles of person-centred working 
Describe how to document and defend decisions taken on risk 
• Domestics, Aims, Learning Outcomes, Ground rules, Introductions 
• Life is risk – 'What's the use of wings if you can't fly?' 
• Taking risks – small group discussion 
• Enabling Risk – Ensuring Safety – SCIE Report 
• What is positive risk taking? 
• Principles of person-centred practice 
• Care Act – promoting choice and control 
• Supporting service users to identify outcomes 
• Quiz – Legal context of risk taking 
• Human Rights/Mental Capacity – 'Unwise decisions'/assessing capacity 
• DVD Assessing Risks 
• Case scenario 
• Duty of Care and Dealing with Conflict 
• Risk Enablement Panels/Appeals Process 
• Recording and Documentation (Risk Management Tools) 
• Ensuring support for the Social Worker 
• Questions and Close 
Who is it for? 
Social Workers, Residential Care Staff, Managers, Domicillary Home Care Staff, Health Care Staff 
To discuss the benefits of the course further, costs, venue etc please contact: 
Tina Thordal – 07815 064710 or e-mail 
Bill Horrocks – 07929 035297 or e-mail 
Picture of Bill the cours trainer