Promoting Person-Centred Services

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Awareness

This one day training course will raise awareness and establish understanding of Alzheimer’s and other types and causes of Dementia.
Health and social care managers should ensure that all staff working with older people in the health, care and voluntary sectors have access to dementia-care training that is consistent with their roles and responsibilities’ (NICE – SCIE Guidelines 2007) 
Through DVDs, case studies and interactive exercises participants will gain an understanding of difficulties a person with dementia and their families are likely to experience. 
We will adopt a person-centred approach to supporting and maintaining independence and explore methods of communicating sensitively with a person in distress. 


  • To understand the causes of dementia 
  • To recognise the implications of a diagnosis of dementia for individuals, families, friends and carers 
  • To establish a responsible, professional and person-centred approach to care management. 

Learning Outcomes 

  • On completing this course participants will be able to: 
  • Define the term ‘dementia’ and recognise the main signs, symptoms and causes 
  • Identify key elements in the support framework that exists for people with dementia and their families 
  • Explain and adopt a person-centred approach to understanding and responding to behaviours which might be found ‘challenging’ 
  • Develop a person-centred approach to everyday care activities and the creation of an enabling and supportive environment. 


  • Awareness of dementia 
  • Definition of ‘dementia’ 
  • Quiz 
  • Incidence of dementia 
  • Types of dementia 
  • Statistics 
  • Symptoms 
  • Conditions associated with dementia 
  • Pre-dispositions 
  • Diagnosis 
  • ‘The brain and behaviour’ (DVD) 
  • Nine stage model of dementia 
  • Case scenarios – dealing with difficult situations 
  • Personal experiences – kerplunk/jenga 
  • Treatment (medications) 
  • Using ‘Talking Mats’ 
  • Person-centred dementia care 
  • Care management – Environment/Communication/Activities 

Who is it for? 

  • Organisations providing services for people with dementia 
  • Managers, employees, volunteers and members of families 
  • Anyone keen to understand more about dementia 
  • Anyone keen to develop practical interpersonal communication skills 
To discuss the benefits of the course further, costs, venue etc please contact:
Tina Thordal – 07815 064710 or e-mail 
Bill Horrocks – 07929 035297 or e-mail