Promoting Person-Centred Services

Abuse Awareness and Keeping Safe Course

This course, for people with learning disabilities, will provide definitions of abuse, explain how to report abuse and establish a clear understanding of how to keep ourselves safe and support each other.
'How to keep safe and prevent abuse' 
Through lively group exercises, reflection and the consideration of case scenarios participants will have the opportunity to establish practical ways of ensuring personal safety. We will emphasise that everyone has the right to be respected, listened to and to make choices and decisions in their lives that others may not agree with. 
To create a relaxed environment where participants feel confident to discuss personal safety and how to recognise abuse. 
To be clear about reporting procedures and recognising individual rights and responsibilities. 
To develop personal assertiveness. 
Learning Outcomes 
To identify different types of abuse and abusive practice. 
To be aware of personal rights. 
To develop assertiveness in potentially abusive situations. 
To know who to talk to about any concerns regarding personal safety. 
To be aware of procedures following an allegation. 
To understand good practice in the prevention of abuse. 
To increase independence, self-respect, self-esteem. 
To promote participation within the community. 
Who Is It For? 
For people with learning disabilities. 
Handouts in 'Easy Read' Format 
To discuss the benefits of the course further, costs, venue etc please contact: 
Tina Thordal – 07815 064710 or e-mail 
Bill Horrocks – 07929 035297 or e-mail 
What people say: 
'Enjoyed course very much - very practical and at right level' 
'Very good. Nicely presented' 
'Very well put over' 
'Excellent course' 
'Very informative, enjoyed course' 
'A most enjoyable day' 
'A very fulfilling day, very much enjoyed' 
'Very well organised' 
'Very relaxed atmosphere, very knowledgeable, enjoyed course'