Promoting Person-Centred Services

Why it will take more than legislation to create a more equal society

There's been a lot in the media about the slow pace of change towards wage equality, sexual harrassment, institutional racism, failure to recognise the human rights of people with disabilities, concern about the availability and funding of care provision in the UK and inconsistent approaches to ensuring the safety of residents in rented accommodation. 

Why do these and other injustices and dilemmas persist? 

Who suffers the effects of discrimination?

What can we do about it and what is required of us, as providers, under The Equality Act 2010)   and The Care Act (2014)?

Tina Training Initiatives have developed a course which they've been delivering through  Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire this year. 


The training affords the opportunity for interaction and reflection as we work to develop the practical skills and predisposition to look for similarities first, recognise differences, address inequalities and ensure that, irrespective of age, class, colour, ability/disability, sexuality, cultural heritage, religious conviction or whatever, as members of one community we are all provided with the support we require to keep safe and realise our own unique potential.

discover the skils and information you need to be a more effective agent of change. 

Bill Horrocks